to change the county charter  and restore sovereignty to every citizen.

Recent quotes from three of our own county council members on their positions as elected officials are revealing as to how they view their proper roles : 

“it sometimes takes a law to change people's behavior”

 "Sometimes I have to be forced to do things that are right and I don't want to.”

 (I need) “to take charge, to lead our County, to define policy in the best interests of the people of our island. “

Frightening, isn't it !

Our county government lately has taken on 3 roles:

  • Administrative (such as determining how many police to hire, or where a road should go, or how to process garbage). This is an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for them to play.
  • Telling us what things we CAN NOT do i.e.:restricting our rights, more so every year
  • Taking our money: i.e.: taxes and fees

We the people have delegated out elected officials the power to be administrators, but we have NOT delegated them the power to restrict our lives and take our money without our permission.

The Consent of the Governed acts will restore forever this authority and sovereignty to the people of the Big Island.



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The Conservative Forum for Hawaii

Founded in December, 2009 the Forum is non-partisan and not for profit.

It serves as a gathering place for citizens to meet, interact, learn about and share views on issues and matters about Conservatism.

We have regular meetings for the awakening and uniting of conservatives in our communities, and special projects that further those goals.

E komo mai !

Elected officers as of 12/2009 are :

  • President / treasurer Walter Moe
  • V.P. Edward Gutteling M.D.
  • Secretary  Pauline Brault
  • Seven Directors of concerned community citizens completes the organizational structure

About our logo:

With a background image of our home the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island), superimposed is an image of a person waving their arm and pointing towards a better Conservative and American direction.

The position of the arms is a superposition of the semaphore alphabet for our initials C, F, H.

This was inspired by the origin of the now iconic "peace symbol", which was originally fabricated for the protests against the testing of nuclear weapons.  That movement originally had the tag line "Nuclear Disarmament", and their logo incorporated the semaphore alphabet letters for N and D:

Most folks don't know that !







The Conservative Forum for Hawaii logo combines the semaphore letters C,F,H:

  Now you know !