to change the county charter  and restore sovereignty to every citizen.

Recent quotes from three of our own county council members on their positions as elected officials are revealing as to how they view their proper roles : 

“it sometimes takes a law to change people's behavior”

 "Sometimes I have to be forced to do things that are right and I don't want to.”

 (I need) “to take charge, to lead our County, to define policy in the best interests of the people of our island. “

Frightening, isn't it !

Our county government lately has taken on 3 roles:

  • Administrative (such as determining how many police to hire, or where a road should go, or how to process garbage). This is an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for them to play.
  • Telling us what things we CAN NOT do i.e.:restricting our rights, more so every year
  • Taking our money: i.e.: taxes and fees

We the people have delegated out elected officials the power to be administrators, but we have NOT delegated them the power to restrict our lives and take our money without our permission.

The Consent of the Governed acts will restore forever this authority and sovereignty to the people of the Big Island.



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Think global, act local: $56 million

 25 November, 2010

FROM:  Walter Moe, President, Conservative Forum for Hawaii

TO: all fellow Big Island citizens

RE: Think global, act local: $56 million

Please be aware that our current lame-duck County Council is preparing to ram through a $56 million bond issue (i.e.: a promise to extract this in taxes from us in the future) at the request of Mayor Kenoi, to finance various construction projects that are not fully specified. This is promoted during an economic quagmire where the county is projecting a $40 million budget shortfall next year, and where the county is already in debt for $291.4 million.

The Conservative Forum for Hawaii finds this extraordinarily irresponsible, financially dangerous, and an outrageous taking of the citizens hard earned efforts.

It is not their money, it is ours. It is not their efforts that produced it, we did.

Every citizen is urged to help stop their county government from doing this.

Please attend and speak against this at the Council meeting on Tuesday, November 30, 9:00 a.m. at the County Building. I’ll be there, please join me.

If you can not attend, submit testimony to



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