to change the county charter  and restore sovereignty to every citizen.

Recent quotes from three of our own county council members on their positions as elected officials are revealing as to how they view their proper roles : 

“it sometimes takes a law to change people's behavior”

 "Sometimes I have to be forced to do things that are right and I don't want to.”

 (I need) “to take charge, to lead our County, to define policy in the best interests of the people of our island. “

Frightening, isn't it !

Our county government lately has taken on 3 roles:

  • Administrative (such as determining how many police to hire, or where a road should go, or how to process garbage). This is an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for them to play.
  • Telling us what things we CAN NOT do i.e.:restricting our rights, more so every year
  • Taking our money: i.e.: taxes and fees

We the people have delegated out elected officials the power to be administrators, but we have NOT delegated them the power to restrict our lives and take our money without our permission.

The Consent of the Governed acts will restore forever this authority and sovereignty to the people of the Big Island.



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Conservative, Non-partisan  E Komo Mai !





Losing our rights

Published: Sunday, May 2, 2010 8:09 AM HST

How shocked and saddened we were to read that the County Council has passed the ban on smoking cigarettes in private vehicles with child passengers. Although we are not in favor of smoking, this law is but another removal of rights from citizens by these council lunas, all without asking the citizens to vote on the matter. I have heard widespread outrage from the community about this latest theft of our rights. Even Mynah Bird, on the radio recently, was calling them "a council out of control," and doing things that are "not their kuleana."

Where does this arrogance and micro-managing stop? I urge all citizens to express their outrage about this, for if we do nothing this behavior will never stop, and it will get worse as they tell us how to live every detail of our lives for us. Contact the Conservative Forum for Hawaii about how to sign our petitions to amend the county charter, the Consent of the Governed Acts, to prevent this from happening again. See for more details.

Walter Moe

President, Conservative Forum for Hawaii


County Council out of Control

Overheard on KHBC radio Mynah Bird this Wed. morning, 4/21/2010:

"we have a county council out of control...

they are sticking their nose in where they have no kuleana...telling parents what to do"

Council OKs smoking measure
by Jason Armstrong    April 21, 2010

 Lighting up with kids younger than 18 in vehicle would become illegal
Motorists should not subject children to second-hand tobacco smoke, Hawaii County Council members decided Tuesday by voting 5-3 to outlaw the practice...

Hilo members Donald Ikeda and Dennis Onishi again joined Hamakua Councilman Dominic Yagong in opposing the measure. All had voted against the bill last month when it was before a council committee, although Ikeda supported it April 7 at the council level. Onishi said his position fell on the side of personal rights, adding he feels the bill would make government too controlling...


Hawaii County Council Majority Stomps On Our Civil Liberties To Get At Your Cigarettes

April 21, 2010
Tiffany Edwards Hunt, editor

I feel like a broken record as I think about what to write in reaction to Hawaii County Council Members voting 5-2 today to support Puna Councilwoman Emily Naeole-Beason’s proposal to ban smoking in vehicles with child passengers.  I’ve already told you how I feel and it obviously did nothing to dissuade our dubious Hawaii County Council from approving legislation that tramples all over our civil liberties.

You know, Auntie Emily prides herself on helping the poor and downtrodden.  The legislation approved today will hurt them the most, I guarantee you.  Auntie Emily, who recently spoke of a supposed war between the people and police, must not realize that her legislation gives police an open invitation to pull over anyone and everyone suspected of smoking in their vehicles.  Is there anyone who reads this blog who recognizes the extent to which this legislation violates our constitutional rights?

Actually, police aren’t even going to be able to effectively enforce this law.  What’s going to happen is that they are going to pick a day to station themselves in and around town — much like they do now with seat belts – and seek out violators.  It’s so ugly the thought of police trying to enforce this law and, in the course, violating people’s civil liberties.

Hawaii County Council Members, by passing this sorry excuse for legislation, are stomping all over our constitutional right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as they seek to stomp out that cigarette you smoke.

Yes, yes, yes, I know that cigarette smoking is bad for your health.  It’s bad for your kids, and anyone and everyone who you choose to smoke around.  If your kids are little it’s really bad that you force them to have to breathe toxic air.  Since I’m standing on my soap box wagging my finger at you, I’ll take the opportunity to tell you that white sugar and gorging on candy bars, Twinkies, Peeps, and Koolaid are bad for you and your children, as well. Studies show that feeding your children too much candy or soda — or anything else with loads of sugar — is not good for them.  In my mind, if council members are going to ban smoking in vehicles with child passengers, they can very well forbid parents in Hawaii County from providing their children with candy and sugar.  They could also ban white rice, too, because too much of that is a real killer.

What Council majority is saying by this out-of-control cigarette ban is that people need to be protected from themselves. Council members are taking it upon themselves to be the protectors.  Wow, I’m sorry, I didn’t know we elected council members to be dictators.  Are council members not pledging allegiance to the American flag before their council meetings?  Please enlighten me.  Is that a sham? Give back the federal funds! This island is supposed to be America, which is quite democratic and based on a Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights that ensure our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If this is American territory, I don’t think our council members got the memo.

If council members want to continue with this trend of passing legislation that protects people from themselves, they could very well pass a law that says if you are found guilty of drinking and driving with a child passenger you should be sentenced to life in prison.   Perhaps, in council members’ junkets to the mainland amid a budget crisis, they consulted with Corrections Corporation of America regarding the construction of a prison here.  This island will definitely need its own prison to house all the smokers and others deemed to be heathens by our autocratic Hawaii County Council majority.

Surely, Mayor Billy Kenoi will be the voice of reason and veto this poor excuse for public policy.  Surely he will.  We can only hope. Until then, Hawaii County remains the laughingstock of the state, thanks to our Hawaii County Council.  Folks, please remember b.s. like this come November.



Letter to Governor of Hawaii: Please join 14 other state suits on unconstitutionality of health care bill

25 March, 2010

Dear Governor Lingle:

On behalf of the Conservative Forum for Hawaii, we respectfully ask that you task the attorney general with pursuing legal action against the Federal government regarding the recently passed Health Care “reforms”.

Specifically we ask that you join the other 14+ states who have done so, under the grounds that it is unconstitutional to force individual citizens to purchase health insurance, and that it is an unconstitutional encroachment on the sovereignty of the states.

Although the constitution grants the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce, this is an unconstitutional use of such power. Indeed, if this is deemed allowable, then there is truly no limit to what the federal government can require the citizens to purchase. This must not stand, as it is contrary to the basic principles on which this nation was founded and on which it thrives.

In addition, we ask that you introduce a bill for state law that prohibits the forced purchase of health insurance by any citizen of the state of Hawaii, as has been done in Virginia and Idaho already.

For reference: the Virginia legislature passed a law that says "no resident of this Commonwealth…shall be required to obtain or maintain a policy of individual insurance coverage." Two weeks later, Idaho’s governor signed a law that declares "every person within the state of Idaho is and shall be free to choose or decline to choose any mode of securing health care services without penalty."

Warmest aloha

Walter Moe, President
Edward Gutteling, M.D.,Vice President


EDITORIAL by Honolulu Advertiser Editor: Big Island Council too intrusive

Posted on: Monday, March 22, 2010
Cigarette? Not in front of the kids  

Speaking of laws that control behavior in motor vehicles: They're not all created equal.
The Hawai'i County Council appears poised to turn the regulation meter one click too far with a bill to ban smoking in any vehicle occupied by a juvenile.

Although exposure to secondhand smoke poses an indisputable risk, there are two major problems with Bill 216, which prohibits smoking in motor vehicles with anyone under 18 on board.
First, if police have a tough time enforcing the ban on cell phone use in the car, imagine how much harder it will be to catch someone smoking with the kids in the backseat. "No, officer, that cigarette butt was already out before I picked up my kids." Any number of ready excuses come to mind.

Second, and this is obvious, but should government really stick its nose that far into personal space?
Protecting people from secondhand smoke makes sense in the public setting, but it's not necessary everywhere on the planet. If banning smoking in your car is OK, why not in your home?

Incredibly, the bill received a 6-3 thumbs-up last week to advance to the full council. Two more votes, and it becomes law.
If that happens, who knows what intrusive and unenforceable measures will come from the Big Island council next? A ban on trips through the fast-food drive-through, maybe? Everyone knows that stuff's not good for you, either.


Consent of Governed vs. tyranny


Published 3/24/2010

Your recent letter from Ms. Blankfield equating the Consent of the Governed Act charter amendments with “anarchy” sadly misses the whole idea.  To claim there is no other alternative between “anarchy” and the present system of five abusive luna’s giving lip service to being our “representatives” is a false division.

We do believe in the efficiencies of representative government.

But our representatives should supervise the administration of our government, not control every aspect of our lives just because they want to.  The county government presently has all the authority it needs to structure our communities, position man-power, expand or contract services, etc.

These acts would do nothing to hamper those present powers. They don't need any more.

What it would do, going forward, is forever stop them from taking away any more freedoms from us, without our permission.

This is neither unworkable nor expensive. Referendums every 2 years with the general elections already scheduled will cost a pittance to add a few lines to every ballot.

If a restriction on our liberties is so very important, then we all should vote on it.

The only other option of voting out politicians every 2 years is a clumsy and dangerously inefficient tool for protecting our individual choices in how we want to live. We have to wait 2 years, and then decide if these politicians were right most of the time or not, or to put up with the times they were wrong. And their competitors may be worse.

We should control our own lives, not them. Don't be afraid of demanding your rights.

See for details, and stay tuned for more to come.

Aloha         Walter Moe,

President, Conservative Forum for Hawaii