to change the county charter  and restore sovereignty to every citizen.

Recent quotes from three of our own county council members on their positions as elected officials are revealing as to how they view their proper roles : 

“it sometimes takes a law to change people's behavior”

 "Sometimes I have to be forced to do things that are right and I don't want to.”

 (I need) “to take charge, to lead our County, to define policy in the best interests of the people of our island. “

Frightening, isn't it !

Our county government lately has taken on 3 roles:

  • Administrative (such as determining how many police to hire, or where a road should go, or how to process garbage). This is an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for them to play.
  • Telling us what things we CAN NOT do i.e.:restricting our rights, more so every year
  • Taking our money: i.e.: taxes and fees

We the people have delegated out elected officials the power to be administrators, but we have NOT delegated them the power to restrict our lives and take our money without our permission.

The Consent of the Governed acts will restore forever this authority and sovereignty to the people of the Big Island.



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Conservative, Non-partisan  E Komo Mai !



Time for you to act !

Help regain your sovereignty:

Call or email us on how to sign the petiton, or how to help !    966-5420

Enough listening, watching & complaining : now you can really cause a change for the better.


Restoring true sovereignty to every citizen : President Walter Moe announced at the March meeting the Consent of the Governed project

of the Conservative Forum, which will restore true sovereignty to every Big Island citizen through two amendments to the County Charter: "The Conservative Forum for Hawaii announces today a new effort which we are starting that we feel will have universal appeal to all the citizen’s of the Big Island, of all political parties. This is an effort to restore true sovereignty to all citizens, so each citizen can more effectively be in control of his own life, and establish a precedent for firmly placing power over our lives where it belongs, in the hands of the people themselves and not with just a privileged few.

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March address by Mr. Robert Duerr,

"The Economic Panic of 2009. What Wen Broke?"

Mr. Duerr addressed the March Forum meeting with a fascinating review of financial disasters through the ages, including uncomfortable comparison's as far back as the fall of the Roman Empire, which was induced through a long-term decay of their economy's innate productivity and a devaluation of their currency. Money is a symbol of wealth" he said, not true wealth itself. The history of money is the history of civilization.  Lessons about our current predicament and recent financial crises are gleaned throughout history.

Societally, we must protect the value of real wealth and nurture true wealth creation. Individually, we must guard against debt and also value true wealth rather than paper symbols.

A lively question and answer followed.


See the archived speeches menu button at top of web page for full text of his address.

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