to change the county charter  and restore sovereignty to every citizen.

Recent quotes from three of our own county council members on their positions as elected officials are revealing as to how they view their proper roles : 

“it sometimes takes a law to change people's behavior”

 "Sometimes I have to be forced to do things that are right and I don't want to.”

 (I need) “to take charge, to lead our County, to define policy in the best interests of the people of our island. “

Frightening, isn't it !

Our county government lately has taken on 3 roles:

  • Administrative (such as determining how many police to hire, or where a road should go, or how to process garbage). This is an appropriate level of authority and responsibility for them to play.
  • Telling us what things we CAN NOT do i.e.:restricting our rights, more so every year
  • Taking our money: i.e.: taxes and fees

We the people have delegated out elected officials the power to be administrators, but we have NOT delegated them the power to restrict our lives and take our money without our permission.

The Consent of the Governed acts will restore forever this authority and sovereignty to the people of the Big Island.



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Representative Harvey Tajiri

Harvey S. Tajiri is a retired Hilo businessman after being a small business owner for more than two decades. He is a graduate of Hilo High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. He served in the Army 1968–70. He and his wife, Helene, live in Hilo. They have a daughter and a son.

He served on the Hawai‘i County Council as council chair and Finance Committee chair and was a member of the Hawai‘i State House of Representatives for 10 years. In 1995 he served as Hawai‘i County legislative lobbyist.

A strong advocate for improving community services and facilities and an active volunteer, Tajiri was founder and president of the UH Hilo Athletics Boosters Cub; president of the Kanoelehua Industrial Association, M&S Exchange Club and Maui’ historic Palace Theater; and founder and president of non-profit community support organization Hui Ka Ua.

He has served as coach or booster for several area athletic programs and as a board member of the American Cancer Society, Hawai‘i Island YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of Hilo, Hilo Hospital Advisory Committee, Hawai‘i Island Veterans Memorial and Boy Scouts-Pukahi District.

He was appointed to the University of Hawaii Board of Regents in 2008 and served until his resignation in February 2010. He has also taught an upper-division course at UH-Hilo in political science.


Robert Duerr



Robert Duerr, a former registered investment advisor with the SEC with 35 years of investment analysis skills,  is preparing an upcoming finance self-help book proposal, including chapters on

  • ·      History of Money from Caesar’s Gold Aureus to the Dollar
  • ·      The Disaster Timeline Recipe for Collapse
  • ·      Be Prepared 101: a trend analysis from gold to organic compost
  • ·      How local economies prosper in a world of rolling panics

Robert Duerr graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine with a political science and philosophy degree, and attended Adelphi University for a masters in Waldorf education. Mr. Duerr, an Eagle Scout, owned his first business at age 12, and has run small businesses, been involved with banking, venture capital, real estate development and organic agriculture. He received a commendation from President Ronald Reagan for his work in forestry.

He is an award winning writer and film maker, and has produced award winning films for NASA and the Space Shuttle, The Department of the Treasury, World Healing in Hawaii and top music entertainers such as AC/DC and Tim McGraw. His film script "No Money Down" won the Santa Fe Comedy Scriptwriting award and is a satirical look at real estate foreclosure in Hawaii. He is currently working with Hakalau's Island Planet One Productions to release the feature animation "Strange Frame” and the launch of a sustainable community film industry on Hawaii Island.

 He is a leading Hawaii outdoor writer and member of Outdoor Writers of America Association having written for such magazines as Surfing, Paddling, Cousteau Society, Outdoor Life, and for 18 years Hawaii Fishing News.

He has volunteered with many Hawaii community groups including independent schools, serving as President of the school board of St. Joseph Schools, and as President of Malamalama school, both during periods of financial crises.


Alton Okinaka. Ph.D.

Dr. Okinaka., Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Hawaii-Hilo

Dr. Okinaka  was born and raised in Honolulu, and has lived in Hilo since 1987.

He has Bachelors degrees in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of Hawaii, and Masters and Doctorate degrees in Sociology from Indiana University.

He has served at the University of Hawaii Hilo as Chair of the Department of Sociology, Department of Teacher Education, and the Social Sciences Division,  as Director of Institutional Research,  as Director of the Social Sciences Training and Research Laboratory  and he is presently an Associate Professor of Sociology specializing in social psychology, the sociology of education, race and ethnic relations, and in mathematical modeling.


Edward Gutteling, M.D.

Dr. Gutteling was born in England, emigrated to the US at age 3 and became a naturalized American citizen at age 14.
He has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physics, as well as a Master's in Physical Oceanography.

He is a graduate of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, and has been in private practice  in Hilo since 1992 specializing in sports medicine and general orthopedic surgery.

He is the official team orthopedic surgeon for the University of Hawaii-Hilo Vulcan athletes, and a former clinical assistant professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Hawaii Manoa.

He has served as chairman of Hilo Medical Center Department of Surgical Specialists, as a school board member of St. Joseph School, and as a board member of the Pacific Tsunami Museum.

Dr Gutteling was responsible for recruiting the first Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians to the Hilo community, as well as many orthopedic surgeons, unfortunately none of whom have stayed.
He himself is one of the last endangered orthopedic surgeons left on the Big Island.
He founded the Hilo Urgent Care Center in 2004 and Urgent Care Keeau in 2008.

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